"Chat Room" Behavior

Mr. Dienoff continually runs for various offices.  He also likes to post in chat rooms during campaign season.  Often he goes by the moniker: "Community and Public Advocate 'Always Putting People First".  Below are some of his posts.  Check out the attitude.  Interesting that he calls himself "putting people first" and so negatively treats them.  Childish in my opinion.

This is one of my favorites below!  He calls a commenter a "wacko" because the poster is posting anonymously.  Guess what.  The police have been called 80 times in two years to our neighborhood by ….yep you guessed it an anonymous caller.  Unbelievable isn't it?

This is the post Arnold was replying to:

Arnold said above that "Never lived in those places."  Well either Arnold is lying or the website Missouri Case Net is lying.  Because here below is the foreclosure case file that Mr. AC Dienoff went through on Amaral Circle.

All taken from Missouri case net: