Just the Facts


As voters, you deserve the right to know exactly who it is running for various offices. You deserve the right to know who they are, where they came from, education, employment history, etc.

I will only post known concrete facts as we get them.  I will gladly take down anything untrue if Mr. Dienoff reports back to me with evidence.  I have been searching all of the "Get to know the candidate" websites, and this is the best I can come up with.  Some information was gathered from arrest records as well.

***Mr. Dienoff, you may submit responses to the inquiry below and we will gladly update them for the voters.  Your transparency will be appreciated. Send your responses to politicalbullies@yahoo.com. 


Candidate: AC Arnie Dienoff

  • Date of Birth:                                         12/21/1968
  • Current Employer (if employed):          Claims "Self Employed"
  • University Degree Earned from:           Unknown, will not disclose
  • Education:                                            "Business Mgmt/Public Admin"
  • CHILDREN:                                              2; son 24, daughter 22
  • MARRIED (Y/N):                                     No, Single
  • Owns home in Ofallon?                        No

**Most self employed business owners have a website or someway of attempting to garner more business.  I am researching and trying to find any evidence of an attempt by Mr. Dienoff to advertise or grow his business or exactly what he is in the business of.  

If you are a voter, and a candidate tells you I'm "self employed" and will not share his business history, client recommendations, etc, then you need to be concerned.

The facts above were pulled from these public websites below:

O' Fallon Patch

St. Louis Community College Journal

Project Vote Smart

I must note, this is an AMAZING response from Mr. Dienoff on the O'Fallon Patch website:

WOW.  Just so everyone knows the truth.  You need to draw your own conclusions; the police have come to the intersection of Ashford Place and Begonia over 80 times in 2 years.  I didn't call them, and I have talked to all the other neighbors and they didn't call them 80 times.  "Officially" the police say its an anonymous caller (must be a cowardly figure whoever it is).  You can figure it out on your own.  Connect the dots.

Arnie is involved with a group called Youth Sing Praise.  They have a website that allows feedback/comments.  If you would like to share your personal Dienoff experiences with this organization, I'm sure they'd love to hear it, down in the comments section. I would encourage you to do so.