Mr. Dienoff's Politcal Sign

         "Nothing says competence like blue tape," said one voter sarcastically.

This sign should tell you a lot about a person.  How they think, how they problem solve, how they operate.  How much "support", both financially and intelligent counsel they may have.  And actually, the sign could have any name on it and I could sit back and tell you to what degree this person has "support".  I could tell you how they think, whether in depth or shallow. You can glean a person's problem solving skills to a degree.

  1. This candidate has very little to zero financial support in the form of donations.  How can I say this?  Because the candidate cannot afford correct signs for the position he/she is seeking.  No one, not even the candidate himself has put up the money to make CORRECT signs.
  2. Look closely, there is NO OFFICE on this sign that the candidate is actually trying to achieve.  
  3. Blue painters tape.  This candidate's solution to HIDING, oh wait, I'm sorry, CORRECTING, or changing political offices names is blue painters tape? That is the same correction method an elementary art student would do.  Don't tell him, but there are very cheap ways of producing laminated weather proof, printed text cards he could easily have used. DO YOU REALLY WANT A CANDIDATE SOLVING YOUR PROBLEMS WITH BLUE PAINTERS TAPE!?! Literally makes me laugh out loud.

These are not the only signs that Mr. Dienoff produces.  If you are his neighbor, and Mr. Dienoff does not like you, Mr. Dienoff will create signs to criticize you.  Below are signs that are in Mr. Dienoff's yard, right on the properly line, and facing his next door neighbor.  Is this the kind of behavior that you want to see from your public servants?  Is this the kind of behavior that one neighbor should do to another neighbor?!?!  VOTER BEWARE.


Bullseye! Stay classy Arnie.

Below is the sign a little bit more clear.  There are no lies on this website.  Only the facts of his political career.  If he considers that "hate" then that is his interpretation.  When you run for political office, voters have a right to know.  By the way, that is extremely sloppy work.  Further, he made the zero of "1203" into a "bullseye" shooting target symbol.

Below is a video of candidate Dienoff putting up yet another one of his home made signs that aggressively taunts his neighbors.  Two neighbors have now been the focus of Arnie signs.  Is this the behavior that YOU the VOTER, wants to see out of your elected officials?  Is this the proper behavior for someone running for School Board or any position?