Because Mr. Dienoff refused to pay, or did not pay Pine Meadows on the required date, the Sheriff's Department forced the sale of some property that was confiscated.  The proceeds were $4,795.00.

Mr. Dienoff lost a court case where Pine Meadows Condominium was seeking judgements.  The judgement awarded to Pine Meadows was $18,610, which was a combination of court costs Pine Meadow incurred and back payments Dienoff owed and never paid to Pine Meadows.  Below is one screen shot of Mr. Dienoff's request to the court to be able to file as "Forma Pauperis"....fancy latin for "as a pauper".....English translation is "I'm poor and can't afford to pay my own court costs going forward to try and fight for an appeal."  Another is a screenshot of the court's final ruling.

Pine Meadows Condo Assoc. won a $8,700 judgement against Dienoff in December 2014.

Arnie's Public Records

For all to see, laid bare.

Arnie, a.k.a. AC Dienoff, has been a very busy man in the tax payer's courtrooms.  Suing people, getting sued, just a grand old time.  Below is a compilation of all or Arnie's public records found on Missouri Case Net.

To do your own search, go to:


Search for last name: Dienoff

Search for first name: A

At the bottom is just a screen shot of page 1 of 3 of all the cases he has been involved in.  Yes.  Three pages of court cases.  Who do you personally know that lives in the courtroom like this?  No one that I want representing me for sure.

Let's review one of Arnie's most recent cases shall we? May of 2013.


Case #: 1331-PN00557

Arnie's behavior towards a neighbor was unacceptable to that neighbor, we'll call him John Doe, and that neighbor sought help.  Mr. Doe went to court and proved his case that Arnie was creating an abusive situation that warranted a protection order.  John Doe simply wanted to live in peace.  "Anonymous" phone calls into the police came so frequently, coming out to John Does house. The "crimes" committed by John Doe you ask? Parking his truck in the wrong spots.  Other crimes?.  Another crime needing police attention: having a hauling trailer in the driveway the wrong way! The horror!!  John Doe also began noticing something strange.  Arnie, while mowing his lawn, would whip out a video camera and video John's house.  John Doe began noticing this on many occasions.  John Doe was clearly being harassed and the courts AGREED.  Arnie was ordered to remain away from Mr. Doe. It should be noted that John Doe is very well liked amongst the other neighbors.

THE FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.  Will this man earn your vote for office?