At the 1:00 mark in the above video he comes out from behind his girl friend's house** and yells.  While I'm playing catch with my son.  Stay classy Arnie.  I have so many videos of him taunting and yelling.  Too many to share. Literally dozens and dozens of the same yelling and taunting.  What a great "Public Advocate" eh?

**It's not his house.  And I don't even know if it is his girlfriend he lives with or common law wife.  Arnie you can send me an email if you want me to correct that information.

"Bishops are the bullies of Ofallon dot com!"  Folks, this is how he addresses his problems…by yelling across the yard. Do you want this man serving on a school board, or any office?

He paces back and forth, literally anytime we are outside. He paces, while yelling and taunting.  Here is your "Public Advocate" ladies and gentlemen.

In the clip above he yells "Bishops are the bullies of Ofallon dot com!"  My wife and I are out on the front porch keeping to ourselves.  Arnie doesn't like for YOU to know about him.  Because if you KNOW him, you won't VOTE for him.

Arnie claims that there are "Lies" on this website.  There are none.  All the facts are pulled from government websites or news organizations.  Watch the videos below to see how this self proclaimed "Public Advocate" treats his neighbors.  Watch his pattern of behavior as he tries to address what he believes to be an injustice.  His solution is to yell "Bishops are the bullies of Ofallon dot com!"  As well as "Take your hate and lies off the internet!"  Again I ask, would you vote for this man knowing that this is how he behaves?